Coloring Inside the Lines

My first official post for this website will be something that I “ought” to write. Every inspiring author can tell you there are mountains of to-do lists and tips about becoming a real writer.

Have a website!

Get business cards!

Make sure to post to Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

All of this while writing a new book and still living life (working full-time and being a wife and mom, for me).

My secret? I don’t do everything that is correct. And if I do, it’s not necessarily in order. Just ask my eternally patient agent.

So, while this first post is in the correct order, don’t hold me to any expectations. I will probably mess up the color scheme or forget to post on the right date. I just ate tacos and French fries for lunch. I forget to thank people. I forget names.

Hang in here with me and we’ll see if we can make a real author of me yet.

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