Pre-Order Goodies!

How does one celebrate earning money from writing their first YA novel? Giving things away! Make sure to CLICK HERE to enter! Here's a closer look at what's available for the 50 first people to sell me their soul register through that link: Character card This lovely sketch was commissioned by a young artist who... Continue Reading →

This is me…right now.

I am privileged to be part of a local Christian writers group that meets once a month. Sometimes we have presenters for topics. This past Monday, we had a writing exercise after discussing "Mission Statements." "Mission Statement" = fancy phrase for "this is me...right now." Let me share mine with you: I tell honest stories... Continue Reading →

Be My Friend FOREVER!

If the pop-up window failed or you clicked past it, here's your second chance! There will be no selling of information. Promise. Here's where to sign up for all the goodies I'll be announcing AND giving away: SIGN UP HERE AND BE MY FRIEND FOREVER!!!

Announcing “Mercy”

In just over a month, my newest novella will be released into the wild! Here’s the gist (or “back cover copy,” if you’re feeling high-and-mighty): Everything changed for Mercy Benson after the argument with her husband. Leaving behind the taxi horns and clamor of New York, the young widow follows her mother-in-law to the sleepy... Continue Reading →

Save the Drama

I was a dramatic teenager. I can admit that now (and hear my mom cackling at me for admitting the truth). This is evidenced by my poems in an old journal that I wrote during my high school years. Let me clarify: this was not a “journaling” journal. This green notebook, with my mom’s name... Continue Reading →

True – the novella

Rahab. Some Christians like to downplay her role in the Bible. After all, there's no easy way of talking about the prostitute in Jesus' lineage. Then there's me: "Hey. I'll write a book about it." This is my book baby, the first one. And I indie published, even though I have an agent. You can... Continue Reading →

Behind the Scenes

My little novella, True, launched on March 14, 2019. Funny thing is that it almost was a colossal face palm. Here's what I recorded on my drive home on March 13th: I stressed out so bad over the launch that I gave myself a headache for over 48 hours. Even when I woke up in... Continue Reading →

13 Days

I’m thirteen days away from my debut release. And this isn’t the dream I’ve clutched since I wrote halting poems about the robins outside or the nativity set my parents painted long before I was born. I went to Mount Hermon a handful of years ago with my good friend Hannah Prewett. And we both... Continue Reading →

I Am A Failure

Had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. She commented about the header on my blog (A sarcastic Christian author taking the the publishing world by rejection at a time). She mentioned that " kinda sounds like you don't think much of yourself." So I admitted to her: I don't. At all. Let me... Continue Reading →

Coloring Inside the Lines

My first official post for this website will be something that I "ought" to write. Every inspiring author can tell you there are mountains of to-do lists and tips about becoming a real writer. Have a website! Get business cards! Make sure to post to Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. All of this... Continue Reading →

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